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Single-Payer Action Network of Ohio

Region 7 (Southwest Ohio)
(Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Shelby counties)

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Working for Health Care for All Americans!

News from Physicians for a National Health Program
    An Unworkable Mess  
    ‘Medicare buy-in’ is really a subsidy to private insurers: Harvard professor
    Senate Tweaks Away Your Healthcare
    Bernie Sanders Presses For Vote On State Single-Payer Option
    Dr. Laura Boylan, demanding Medicare for All, arrested at Schumer protest
    'Bodies' delivered to U.S. senators on Human Rights Day
    Firedoglake has launched a project to promote candidates for single payer in the 2010 elections.

After all the fuss, govt health plan to cover few (Associated Press)

Time to Take Action: Upcoming Votes on Single Payer in the House and Senate

Legal Loophole Ensnares Breast-Cancer Patients (Wall Street Journal)

House Subcommittee Hearing Focuses on Alleged Insurer Abuses (Washington Post)

Professor Robert Conard speaking on the Morality of Healthcare for Profit, September 2009

Bill Moyers: Healthcare Reform and What Obama Should Do

The Healthcare-NOW! network has been very busy

Government cast as villain at town hall 'Tea Party' meeting (Dayton Daily News)

Insurance Schemes, New York Times Editorial

'Public Option' Pales Next to Single Payer |

Bill Moyers: Why isn't a single-payer plan on the table in Washington?

Benefits of Single-Payer

Ten Enemies of Single Payer

HealthCare for All Ohioans Act

Comparison of Conyers-HR 676 and Sanders/McDermott Bills


Contact: Sheilah Conard
Phone: 937-299-7536

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